AE Cesar 046


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Frequency4.000 MHz +/- 0.005%
Max output   power600 W into a 50 load
Min output   power6 W into a 50 load
Reflected   power limit200 W
Delivered   power into mismatch33% depending on the   load impedance
Load impedance50
RF connector50 , N-type, female
RF power   regulation modeP forward, P   delivered, or DC selfbias voltage
Regulation (of   set point)1.0   or 0.1% of full-rated power,
    whichever is greater, into a 50 load
Response time   (ms)\
Turn off/decay   time (ms)\
Harmonics-50 dBc at full-rated   power
Spurious   content-60 dBc max at   full-rated power
Pulse modeYes 
Pulse   repetition frequency1 to 10 kHz
Pulse duty   cycle1% to 99%
Pulse RF   envelope rise / fall time (ms)\
CEX operation   modeYes 
CEX input   signal as required0 to +10 dbm
CEX output   signal specifications+3 to +10 dbm
CEX connector   (50 )BNC, female
DisplayLCD graphic display
256 x 132 dots , black / white
Interlocks and Limits
Reflected   powerYes
Current limitYes
DC overloadYes
RF power limitYes
CoolingAir cooling
Air cooling   requirement118 m/h3
AC Power Line
AC line   voltage (1-phase)230 VAC (187 VAC to   253 VAC)
AC line   frequency 50/60 Hz
AC line   current (per phase)4.6 A nominal line,   full power
AC input power1050 VA
Overcurrent   limit (per phase)10:00 AM
Efficiency   line to load57%
Power factor97% to 99% 
AC mains   connectionIEC 320 at full power
Physical Specification
Packaging19" rack cabinet
Mounting19" rack   mounting
Weight19.5 kg (43 lb)
Clearance60 mm (2.36") on   each side for air flow into unit
Dimensions88 mm (H) x 483 mm   (W) x 500 mm (D)
3.46" (H) x 19" (W) x 19.69" (D)
Matching interface
Diagnostic interface

On AAE Apex 5513
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