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Shenzhou technology for the customer to choose high quality logistics cooperation company, providing worldwide goods transport services. According to the customer request, finished goods packaging. By road, rail, sea and air a variety of ways, to provide customers with the most economic and efficient transport service.



Shenzhou technology choose environmental protection high quality packaging equipment for customers to provide packaging services:

1, selection of multi-layer corrugated carton used for packing material, according to equipment size appropriate specification of packaging material;

2, pearl cotton lining as buffer material, effectively ensure the equipment shipping damage;

3, hermetic sealing packing box, packaging strapping, protection equipment handling, transportation security;

4, some special equipment to provide additional wooden box packaging, increase the transportation safety;

5, logistics information complete and clear and improve the discernibility degree, easy to transport the query.



Spare parts of RF,DC,MATCH,RPS for Customers.

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