Power Supply Dept.


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   The power supply Dept. is the main maintenance business department, undertake customer radio frequency power supply, dc power, microwave power, rf matcher maintenance and technical support. Room, power supply department to set up r&d equipment technical authentication, provide complete customized solutions for customers, research and development of alternative models (MATCH, GEN), fatherless models with subsequent solutions and upgrading the power supply system of production line.

  The current power supply department has  50  engineers. All personnel are university bachelor degree or above, electronic professional graduate.The engineering team of professional and technical ability to provide effective technical support for the product.

      The workshop equipped with all kinds of experimental testing equipment and shenzhou self-developed test platform.Through our perfect testing equipment and innovative test platform rigorous process operation to the quality of products to provide quality assurance.


   Repair Procedures



Spare parts of RF,DC,MATCH,RPS for Customers.

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