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         Shenzhou Technology Founded in 2008, Is one specialized is engaged in the rf plasma power of repair, maintenance and sales as one of the company. Several years, Our company with professional technology, rapid response, efficient and timely troubleshooting management concept, In China the high-speed development of the plasma membrane of advanced manufacturing technology of power in field maintenance and service. While Asia Exact Pertinently international cooperation and exchanges.

  ◆ Main content of service:For semiconductor companies, flat panel display manufacturing factories, solar battery, light, LED the new light source stored in the vacuum coating and semiconductor institute AE, MKS (ENI) and other international brands of DC, moddle frequency and RF testing and maintenance of RF power Adjustment and proofreading, upgrading, and second-hand sales, while providing integrated services programs.

  ◆ Professional engineer and advanced testing equipment, To provide reliable guarantee of quality and service.

  ◆ Localization of service, with more flexible service mode, the favorable price to win the market.

  ◆ We will provide several models of RF power as customer back-up during repairing time, and maintain high level of spare part inventory to reduce service lead time.

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